Hip Replacement- Relief from Pain and Discomfort

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Hip replacement India is a common procedure and is done to give you relief from pain and discomfort. It also helps in improving the function and to enhance the stability in the patients who were suffering from various diseases like arthritis or any other kind of hip problem. This thing started in the 60's and the condition has improved over the years.

In India this is a very common procedure and it is a very successful procedure that is indicated in India in various hospitals. If you have an arthritis hip then you will notice that there would be a damaged ball that is commonly called the upper end of the femur that is specially replaced by a metal or a ceramic socket that is most of the times implanted into the pelvis and it would replace the damaged socket too in an efficient manner.

Hip joint replacement in India is a common procedure that is conducted by the orthopedic surgeon in Delhi as it has a high success rate too. The damaged ball of the hip is replaced by using a metal or a plastic ball and it is done greatly by a surgeon who is quite adept in performing the surgeries. Over the few years there have been a lot of advancements in the field and a lot of people are going for this kind of surgery.

There are a lot of metals that are used for this procedure but the main metal that is used in this procedure is chrome cobalt alloy or the titanium alloy. They are called the super metals and they are developed using great techniques and are adapted according to the advancements in the industry. If a younger patient has to get this surgery done then it is done on the basis of a ceramic ball that is either used a polyethylene or ceramic socket.

This surgery is divided in two types and in two different methods. If an elderly person has to get this surgery done then the fix is inserted in a softer bone by using a bone cement that is used in this purpose. By doing this method the prothesis will hold the figment from the very first day itself and will not loosen up that easily. So by getting a hip joint replacement in India, Hip Replacement India from an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi will give you a healthier body.

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Hip Replacement- Relief from Pain and Discomfort

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Hip Replacement- Relief from Pain and Discomfort

This article was published on 2012/03/21